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Why should budding artists participate in Online Art Contests?

Why should budding artists participate in Online Art Contests?

All great works of art are trophies of victorious struggle. - Julius Meier-Graefe

Artists put a great deal of time and energy in making art to share with the world. This however requires much more energy in gorilla marketing whether you're a budding artist or a professional artist. A creative life does have its challenges! The part that most artists struggle with is how to market their works. Most artists just want to create and have not learned how to run a successful business or even want to mind their business. Some are great at marketing their art, whereas some the fear of rejection holds them back, while others anxiety, and uncertainty stagnate them. The cost involved is another issue that artists face.

If you are not into gorilla marketing, which is hitting the ground and participate in art festivals, fairs, or exhibition are limited. Art contests give you an exceptional possibility to build-up your career as a renowned artist by leaps and bounds. Art contests may not be everyone's cup of tea, participating in art competitions can get your fine art seen by a larger audience. Your work would be presented in front of hundreds and thousands of art enthusiasts and collectors’ alike, creating synergy and exposure on a global scale. If you are chosen as a winner, there is an excellent opportunity of expanding your artist network through this platform, even if you are the chosen winner or not.

Keep in mind that these contests are judged by art lovers, art collectors and professional artists who are genuine admirers of the arts and culture that are looking for new and fresh talents. This implies that there is a great chance of getting multimedia attention to your work and support your artistic talent. They could benefit you in different ways - art exhibitions, global/local exposure, and boost your confidence as well. Through these competitions, the artwork is shared with the public for review while having a chance at winning some exciting sponsored gift awards from prestigious art competitions. Participation in Art contests is a valuable experience; it's a privilege and an honour!

Advantages of Online Art competitions

Easy Participation:

Online art contests make it exceptionally simple for an artisan to enter the contest. Kings Framing & Art Gallery, contests have simple online forms and uploading portals showcasing artworks; artists fills their forms and upload their image with a bio and what inspired them to create this work of art. It’s like baking cookies, there is one recipe for every kind of cookie. Your inspiration is what brings in the viewer into your world, your thought process and lets the viewer see a bit of you, how you see your world. The significant part of all of this is that it is free as per the guidelines set by the host. FREE art contests are the best!

Boosts confidence:

Winning multiplies confidence. Also, setting yourself in a place where somebody is evaluating your works of art requires a level of confidence in your skills and ability in your craft. Participating in Art competitions regularly is an incredible method to inspire yourself to attempt and improve consistently. It takes a lot of courage and self-belief to put together an entry. Without pride and confidence in your creativity, you'll never be able to make it this far! One must remember art is like a mate, there is one for everyone. Not everyone will like your style of art, but your art will appeal to the viewers that your art resonate with them. Hope this will inspire you take a leap of faith and enjoy the journey.

Global exposure:

The digital world has opened up our world on an innovative, global level of doing business. The utilization of the Internet to the artistic world benefits all by introducing the artist and their works of art on a digital platform that even brick and motor art gallery exhibitions are taking advantage of. These online art exposures use different techniques to attract the online target audience and also through various global marketing techniques. A costly network that most single artist would not be able to afford.

As per the traffic they receive and exposure, your artwork can be presented and displayed to a vast number of visitors every month as compared to the insignificant number of visitors at a physical art exhibition.

Many other benefits of online art contests are:

  • Low or FREE entry to Art contests
  • Complimentary artist offers
  • Online winners global exposure
  • Opportunity to develop a career
  • A bonus to your Artist Portfolio

The significant objective about participating in such juried art contests isn't to concentrate on what you didn't get, but to value what you achieved. Consider it as a stepping stone to building a fruitful artistry vocation. Because your fine art was not chosen, it does not mean it isn't great or that you are not gifted. Artwork can be rejected for some reason that has nothing to do with your capacity or expertise. The juror can only chose one winner from all the entries. Every art is unique!

At Kings Framing & Art Gallery, we are conducting monthly Art contests. Now that you know how beneficial, such contests can be, take part in this FREE contest online and get a chance to win some fantastic professional quality Art supplies and our exclusive VIP Membership. What you can't miss noticing here is that the membership provides you an opportunity to build your artist portfolio online and not only you can showcase your artworks online, but also you can sell your art through our website. We want to give you an exposure that you deserve! You can check out our contests here.

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