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The Ultimate Guide for Inktober Art Supplies

The Ultimate Guide for Inktober Art Supplies

Jake Parker, an illustrator, launched a drawing event called 'Inktober' to enhance the inking skills and create favourable drawing practices for other artists worldwide. Under this, artists create an ink-based drawing every day in October and share it online with the hashtag #Inktober to take part in the month-long challenge. Every year since 2016, an official prompt list is released before October which has inspiring words to help one draw for 31 days of the month. Although specific, these words have a lot of room for interpretation.

inktober prompt list 2019

People are motivated to draw and post an ink drawing daily or at any speed that works the best for them. The Inktober rules are flexible; enabling all kinds of creators and artists to participate in this challenge. Inktober aims to construct better drawing practices.

Must have Art supplies for Inktober Challenge:

Perhaps, you've been creating your pen and ink sketches for a while, or maybe you're just beginning. Either way, for any artist, few ink materials are vital.


Inks have two categories:

  1. Pigment-based Inks

  2. Dye-based Inks

Technically, pigment-based inks are a suspension that includes pigment particles, while dye-based inks are a solution that infuses the ink.

When pigmented inks are put on paper, it lies on the surface and covers it. The surface is coloured when using dye-based inks and can be absorbed into the paper. Typically, inks-based pigments are much stronger than ink-based dye.

You can use pigment-based inks for drawing. Dye-based inks can be used to tint surfaces, but sticking to pigment-based alternatives is best for creating marks.

Are you looking for a dense black Ink? Shop for Yasutomo Water Resistant Traditional Chinese Ink that has a solid black formulation that makes them suitable for all ink work, painting, drawing, and calligraphy.

And if you are bored with black Inks, Check out these Sennelier Abstract® Acrylic Inks gets you 43 highly-pigmented colours, water-resistant when dry and can be used with brushes, dip pens, airbrushes & calligraphy pens. Get colourful calligraphy inks from Winsor & Newton developed for your writing and calligraphy needs.

Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink 30ml



Traditionally, Pen and ink drawing was done by dipping a tool into ink and then using the tool to create lines or to write. Sharpened feathers of birds and sharpened reeds were once used to do the same in olden days. Today, the artist has at his disposal quite an arsenal of ink products. Nibs are merely reservoirs with a variety of widths that can produce a broad range of marks. The flexibility of nibs also varies. Stiffer nibs create a lucid mark, while flexible ones can differ the width of the lines depending on the pressure on the pen. If you are looking for a cleaner and more precise lines, consider using nib pens.


Ink is a media that is very unforgiving. The best thing you can do once you make a mistake is an attempt to cover it up by incorporating the error into the drawing, or you'll need to begin over. That's why a pencil is useful in your original drawing for slightly sketching.

Moreover, as per the Inktober rules, you can use coloured pencils to draw or colour the drawing.


For those who don't want the hassle of dipping a pen into a bottle of ink over and over again, risk spills or splatters on the drawing, pens offer a different solution. Technical pens are made in a multitude of widths, just like nibs. Technical pens are either pre-filled with ink or refillable. When shopping for pens, look for archival inks, fade-resistant, waterproof, and fast-drying pens.

The Micron Pigma Archival Individual Pen Markers is considered the best pens for pen & ink illustrations. It has 0.20 mm nib, is made of archival - waterproof and chemical proof - permanent pigment. Shop for them this October at a special price on King’s Framing & Art Gallery!

Micron Pigma Archival Individual Pen Markers


The paper is just as important as ink or pens. Many artists consider smooth surfaces when it comes to Ink or pen/pencil drawings. There is a weaker tooth (or texture) on smoother surfaces. A weaker tooth decreases the likelihood of lifting or scarring paper filaments from pen and ink marks. Bleeding is also less probable, and there is more consistency in the marks.

The Bee Creative Marker Spiral Bound Book holds 50 sheets of white paper that are acid-free and have ultra-smooth surface ideal for pen-and-ink, crow quill pens, technical pens, and permanent markers. Get it on King’s Framing & Art Gallery at just $21.75 this month!

Bee Creative Marker Spiral Bound Book


It becomes a herculin’s task when it comes to fill a large section of the drawing with a pen. Not to mention all the noticeable lines produced by the pen detracting from the drawing. To apply the ink directly from the bottle with a brush is a faster and more coherent method. You may be amazed how much control you can accomplish with a quality brush. With a pen, edges can be readily washed.

Kneaded Eraser:

A small thing, but does wonders for artists! With the help of a kneaded eraser, when the ink has dried thoroughly, any graphite marks remaining from the prelusive sketch can be removed. The graphite can be lifted from the surface by a kneaded eraser without disturbing the paper tooth or smudging the ink.

Inktober is a fun way to start or to continue your passion for drawings. At King’s Framing & Art Gallery, we believe in encouraging artists and showcasing their talent online. Hence, we are hosting the Inktober Art Contest 2019. Register for King’s Framing & Art Gallery, and take part in it to win some exciting art supplies and our VIP membership for FREE!




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