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Stand with Ukraine: We Donate $5,000 To Help Ease The War

Stand with Ukraine: We Donate $5,000 To Help Ease The War

Source: Disasters Emergency Committee

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already forced over 10 million people to leave their homes, facing an uncertain future. About 4 million of them have fled Ukraine to other countries, which makes it the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis. Moreover, the war has caused massive internal displacement, with already more than 12.60 million people unwilling or unable to leave owing to military action or stranded in affected areas. According to the OHCHR (Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights), there have been more than 3,030 civilian casualties in the country, including 1,860 injured and over 1,175 killed.

After seeing the atrocities caused by this war on human casualties, we felt compelled to do something to help. There is no point of words without action; however small our action is, it has still been an action. That is why we decide to join the rest of the world in relieving human suffering, protecting lives, and responding to emergencies in this peaceful democratic nation facing the horrors of war. In particular, we collaborated with Red Cross Canada to start this fundraising campaign to raise a maximum of $5000 to assist the Ukrainian people affected by the crisis. Our relief efforts cannot take effect unless we have the support of everyone in our community. We would love to invite you to team up with us to make a difference. 

  • The total amount of money: $5000
  • Time/ Date: when the campaign reaches $5000

How We Run The Campaign

Source: Red Cross Canada


Recognizing your generosity and desire to respond to humanitarian needs, we collaborate with Red Cross Canada to collect donations from art lovers and our supporters all over the world. More specifically:

  • On every sale over $100 before tax, we will donate 10% to the Red Cross Relief Fund. 

The collected money will be sent to Ukraine to support people there. Under the best practice, we choose to donate money to reputable and experienced Red Cross Canada instead of sending relief items because this enables them to quickly buy supplies subject to the particular needs of those affected by the war. You can have peace of mind that your donation goes where it is needed most. 

  • Besides, if you would also like to help in this fundraising, we would appreciate any added personal donation to the Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund. 

You can insert the $ amount you would like to donate to this cause in the donation section. Any amount is noteworthy. We value your support.

  • The money will be audited by Red Cross Canada. The amount of donated money will also be continuously updated on the website of Red Cross Canada.

Like you, we expect an accessible, open, and transparent donation process. Thus, beyond what the law requires, we are committed to ethical practices by being 100% transparent with financial information.


How we deliver the donation


Ukrainian Red Cross employees and volunteers are giving medical aid and assistance to wounded and vulnerable people of Ukraine. (Source: Ukraine Red Cross)


Canadian Red Cross states that “money raised will enable the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to respond to humanitarian needs generated by almost eight years of conflict, as well as preparedness and response efforts due to heightened tensions in Ukraine. The support could include preparedness, immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long-term recovery, resiliency, and other critical humanitarian activities as needs arise, both in Ukraine and surrounding countries, including supporting populations displaced.”

The Canadian Red Cross Society takes pride as an experienced Canadian humanitarian charitable organization and is a member of the world's largest humanitarian network IFRC. Thanks to it, we can provide precise and non-stop psychosocial and psychological support to affected people. The Canadian Red Cross strives to help them survive against the armed conflict consequences and develop. In collaboration with the organization, King's Framing and Art Gallery has the responsibility to run the campaign transparently and successfully. Our humanitarian support is provided according to the humanitarian principles of humanity, independence, neutrality, and impartiality.


How You Can Donate

Source: Nika Art via Shutterstock


You can donate by two methods:

  • First, on every sale (including art supplies, custom framing, and artwork) over $100 before tax, King's Framing and Art Gallery will donate 10% to the Red Cross Relief Fund. Therefore, you can visit our website and purchase your loved items to contribute to the donation.
  • Second, you can donate directly to the Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund. You can insert the $ amount you would like to donate to this cause in the donation section.

Please access this link to make personal donations: