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King’s Framing & Art Gallery: Our 14th Anniversary Celebration

King’s Framing & Art Gallery: Our 14th Anniversary Celebration

King’s Framing, founded in 2008, is celebrated for its quality art supplies, custom framing and the personalized advice it offers its customers.

Family-run art business King’s Framing & Art Gallery is celebrating its 14th anniversary this year. The renowned brand has been selling personalized art expertise and supplies to its loyal client base since its founding in 2008. Now it wants to thank its customers for their loyal support and patronage over the years, without whom it would not be where it is today.

King’s describes itself as a purpose-driven organization. Its goal is to help customers unleash their creative potential by furnishing them with the best quality art supplies. The brand wants to enable both amateur and professional artists to express their creative visions, providing a one-stop shop for all their needs.

However, King’s Framing is different from other online art supplies vendors. It adds personalized expertise to guide customers to the right products, whether they are a beginner or have been painting for years. It’s this knowledge that adds value and keeps paying customers returning long-term.

Located in Corbeil, Canada, King’s Framing is the brainchild of a husband-and-wife founding team, Lise and Bob King. The couple decided in 2008 to offer customers “the very best art supplies and personalized art expertise … born out of their outstanding professional art experience combined with their shared love of creativity and values of unparalleled customer service.”

Lise’s artistic journey started in eighth grade. She didn’t think much of the pencil drawing she had made and threw it in the bin, but her teacher pointed out how original it was, encouraging her to finish it. She followed her instructor’s advice and was later awarded a college scholarship for her artistic excellence. She then became a hairstylist and makeup artist before branching out as an entrepreneur in the arts.

Bob began his journey to King’s Custom Framing as a former sheet metal technician, designer and fabricator. He worked with a variety of clients to produce intricate pieces of metal artwork. However, after discovering the joys of framing, he made a career shift, joining Lise in her artistic pursuits. Eventually, the dovetailing of their skills led to the creation of King’s Framing.

King’s Framing, though, is different from the vast majority of art suppliers. Rather than simply selling paint, brushes, and paper, it actively looks to provide leadership in the space, offering expertise to customers who want to become students. Lise, for instance, is an art teacher and instructor who looks to transform students’ potential into reality. She believes in meeting customers where they are right now on their art journey and bringing them to a higher level. Her method “delivers personalized attention to encourage [students] to overcome any fears they may have, ultimately resulting in a courageous and confident transformation of their personal belief in themselves and that their art is worthy.”

Because of this attention to the community, King’s Framing has achieved longevity in the art space that many other brands in the niche can only dream of. The company is celebrating its fourteenth year not just because it sells painting supplies but because of how it does it. The brand gives customers the personalized art expertise they need to bring their creative visions to life.

Despite humble beginnings, King’s Framing now stocks thousands of products. It also offers a range of monthly in-store deals and experts to help customers choose the right products for their needs.

13 + 1 Things About King's Framing You May Not Have Known

  1. King’s Framing is home to more than 15,000 products
  2. King’s Framing ships to more than 55 countries worldwide
  3. King’s Framing is a purpose-driven brand
  4. King’s Framing offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  5. King’s Framing offers free shipping on orders over $75 in Canada
  6. You can save up to 10 percent on your first King’s Framing order
  7. King’s Framing offers personalized service, making art experts available to ensure that you order the correct products
  8. King’s Framing is committed to continuous learning
  9. King’s founder, Lise King, won a college art scholarship because of her work’s originality
  10. King’s Framing offers a variety of art classes and workshops
  11. King’s Framing founder, Lise King, is a member of Namta®, supporting the arts and arts advocacy
  12. Customers can call King’s Framing to get instant advice on the supplies they should purchase
  13. Customers can become King’s Framing members and get discounts on various products, plus earn points
  14. King’s Framing now lets you order by phone

To learn more about the products and services Kings offers, please visit the company’s website at To contact the team directly, email at

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