A Guide To Give Your Art Career A Jumpstart

A Guide To Give Your Art Career A Jumpstart


You must have probably heard so many saying, “do what you love, do what gives you peace.” This sentence is very true. People who have chosen to go with their creative, sparkling flame of becoming artists have to face so many struggles to reach the point of becoming professional artists. But the most often struggle they face at the initial stage is finding answers to the queries of pursuing a career in art.


The most common question is, how to stand out from the crowd in such a high competition in the art industry. In this modern world finding the ones who starve for art is nearly impossible as so many skilled people pursue ways to make their artwork more recognizable and profitable.


As the competition has increased a lot, fear of the failure of the successful art business is totally equivalent to the competition. In this situation, the skilled and creative artists may start to doubt the quality of their artwork and may start to lose confidence.


At some point, due to these reasons, pursuing a full-time art career is not considered the best option. In the context of this sentence, we can say that many famous artists kept doing their regular jobs with their other freelancing jobs to bear the expenses of their art supplies.


Starting an art career without even knowing its basics is like a fish left out of the water, as you will have to face so many hurdles and you might make infinite mistakes that start to annoy you. Because of this, you will have to learn to maintain the balance between your day job and your art.


Every career has ups and downs, at some point, you might get success, and at times, you might get to face failure, but the only thing that would keep you going is that the sooner you learn dealing with the issues, the sooner you will find your way to success.


This article is dedicated to those art lovers who want to start their art career from scratch; here, we have tried our best to put forth the topics that will help you become a successful artist whose art would help him make a good living.


1. Stay updated and keep others updated on your artwork

The improvement in technology has made our work so easy, adaption to these latest technologies is essential. When you come across any thoughts or ideas about any creative painting, make sure that you would spare your time studying other artworks that are similar to your ideas.



While in your free time, try to visit museums, art galleries and art studios, watch a few tutorial videos of some famous artists and listen to their podcasts which can provide you with painting tips and knowledge. Do not forget to post your artwork on social media platforms to increase the audience’s engagement with your masterpieces.

2. You have a long journey to walk

There might come a time when you may face a lot of difficulties in finding the perfect inspiration for your art, be prepared for that. This may be very disappointing at first but fight that failure fear and always hold on to that spark of creating something new every day.

Learn to accept the criticism and negative comments about your art as there will be so many obstacles on the route to becoming a successful artist, just focus on your art skills and improve them.
Don’t run after others to love your work, instead invest that time in improving your art skills and learning some marketing skills, study about marketing platforms and tools.

3. Take part in art workshops and weekly art lessons

This is the best option for the ones starting their art career from scratch. You can also go for online art classes that are conducted by many art galleries.


4. Buy an art book

There are so many people who got inspired by the masterpieces of famous artists and decided to pursue their art careers. Buying a book with the experiences of famous artists and their painting tips can help you get new ideas.

5. Learn some marketing skills

In this modern world, almost everything has taken a turn to the digital world, so marketing your artworks on digital platforms with some impressive marketing skills can help you gain appreciation from various audiences.


Learning digital marketing skills is no rocket science; by learning some digital marketing skills, you can save a lot of money by giving it to others just for marketing.


6. Keep your workspace upgraded

To keep your workspace upgraded, frame your artwork so that you get inspiration whenever you enter your workspace. As your art frames keep increasing, one day your workspace may turn into a huge art studio.

7. Focus on increasing your art skills not your bank balance

Whether it is an art business, any other business, or even a job, we all know that we will not get fame and money overnight. We have to focus on improving the skills which will ultimately give us the chance to earn fame and money.


But let us put this point aside for some time; if you are a beginner, as stated earlier in the article, you have a long way to go, as you will not start earning money overnight. You still have to keep doing your regular job and keep on creating your art pieces.

This will save you from going into high debt as you will still have a source of income, and if your artwork starts selling, you can also have a second income. But at first, just focus on improving your art skills.

Final Words

Choosing a career in the art industry can be very transformative; remember that art is a therapeutic activity to find peace, just stay focused on your artwork, and don’t go after the appreciation; if your artworks are amazing everyone will appreciate it.