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Awagami Hemp Sheets 90lb, 22.5" x 29.5"


Multi Media - Awagami Hemp Sheets 90lb, 22.5" x 29.5"

Awagami Hemp Paper High Quality, handmade hemp paper manufactured using a 2000 years old paper making technique. Base materials are 50% hemp with the remainder linen and cotton. Paper is acid free and meets archival standards. These sheets have a natural, soft deckle and they are 90gsm. Sheets are hand made so please allow for slight colour deviations.

Usable for Handwriting, Calligraphy, Inkjet Printing, Watercolour, Pastel and Charcoal.

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Brand Awagami
Country of Manufacture Japan
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Awagami Hemp Sheets - This handmade hemp paper uses natural hemp as raw material and the unique alkaline water. It has following characteristics: good water absorption, natural ink release, nice thickness as well as soft and tough. Hemp paper is environmentally Friendly and 100% recyclable.

This paper is great for hand-writing, printmaking, watercolour painting and dry media, including photography prints and card making. Also, it is mothproof and could keep for almost 100 years long time. It is well enjoyed by traditional Chinese and Japanese writing and painting enthusiast. They use it as their professional paper for practice.

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