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ArtGraf Water Soluble Carbon Black Pencils 2 pk


These soft carbon pencils feature rich matte black leads that provide ultra-smooth and consistent strokes. They offer excellent blending and shading properties.

Includes 2 carbon pencils

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These carbon pencils include a rich black lead which provides an ultra smooth and consistent stroke. The ease of use, blending or shading make these pencils a delight to use. Viarco ArtGraf have developed unique blends of graphite, carbon and binders to produce some of the highest quality sketching materials available today.

ARTIST WATER-SOLUBLE CARBON PENCILS - Draw or sketch with these soft, rich, smooth black carbon pencils

USE WET OR DRY - These carbon pencils are perfect for artists to use dry for drawing or with water soluble techniques

RICH INTENSE CARBON - Artists can create a wide range of shades from light transparent hues to rich, deep opaque colours for drawing, sketching and watercolour effects

IDEAL FOR DRAWING OR PAINTING - These carbon pencils are the perfect artist tool for studio and plein air use

MADE BY VIARCO - A company that has been producing premium drawing materials since 1910

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Brand Viarco ArtGraf
Country of Manufacture Portugal
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