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Arches 88 Silkscreen White 300 gsm (140lb) 56x76 cm (22x30in)


Originally created decades ago for the silkscreen process, Arches 88 has found a following for many different types of printmaking.

Arches 88 Silk Screen Paper - Mould made in France, this clear, white paper is recommended for screen printing and, if slightly moistened, for intaglio.

Arches 88 is a heavyweight (140 lb) 100% cotton fiber paper. It's acid-free, neutral pH, and buffered with calcium carbonate, and is un-sized for high absorption. Each sheet is watermarked and has two natural deckle edges.

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Let’s begin with why it is so ideal for the silkscreen process: it features a very white crisp shade, it is very dimensionally stable, provides a wonderful smooth level surface along with a hefty weight in both 300gsm & 350gsm - all the attributes needed and expected from a paper suitable for serigraphy. A silkscreen printer can easily lay down 50 to 100 colours on this sheet without a problem.

One cautionary note: because the paper is completely un-sized it is not that forgiving so even one ink spot or splatter would be hard to curate out. This deluxe paper must be handled with great sensitivity and purpose.

For other printmaking mediums such as etching and litho it is ideal and quite easy to use without having to soak. Remember it has no sizing, therefore it is almost like a blotter paper. All that is needed is a misting or dampening between moist blotter sheets for best results – the images generated are fantastic.

Arches 88 takes all pencil applications well but again the surface curating aspect must be respected.


  • Mouldmade in France
  • 100% Cotton
  • Neutral pH
  • Acid Free
  • 2 deckles (sheets)
  • Unsized
  • Specialty Paper


  • Hand Lithography
  • Intaglio
  • Silkscreen
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Brand Arches
New Colour Attribute #FCFCFC
Country of Manufacture France
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