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Tuesday - Open Studio Art Class

Tuesday - Open Studio Art Class Venue :
188 Voyer Road, Corbeil ON
Short Details :

Tuesday January to June, 2020/21

Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Instructor: Lise King
You will learn how to draw, see, blending, floating, shading and highlights, then learn the medium of your choice.

Fee?: $18 per class, plus materials. Monthly fee in advance.

Registration: Online or call Bob or Lise for more information @ 752-4211

Event Date : 2020-01-07


Lise King is a multidiscipline artist and loves them all. She teaches the language of art as you're learn from drawing to painting.

She loves exemplifying beauty with colour, texture and innovation in her realistic, impressionistic and abstract paintings.

Art for her is like chocolate


Art is a personal act, and at the same time elating!

Art is a personal act insofar as it comes from the pure observation and perspective of the person creating the piece who reveals a bit of themselves through their art. But at the same time, it is a self-fulfilling act which expresses itself in the rendered interpretation of the artist’s observation.

Beauty is not superficial; it is something that goes below the surface and captures the character of the artist and spectator. In Lise’s art forms you have to look beyond the surface to capture the true beauty of the narrative, flow and energy of the artwork.

Lise wishes to help you learn and develop an artist eye, skills to transmits those skills into your world, the beauty that resonates within you. Open up to new adventures and young at heArt.

Register and explore your talent today!

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